It's no surprise to many persons trying to find a rental, Monterey County is low on inventory.  Our standards are normal fair housing practices and private.  We do not discuss your credit, application nor income with any other company or persons.
Here's what you will need to bring with you.  
1. You can download an application on line or drop by to pick up the application.
The application consist of numerous pages including credit authorization etc.
2. Items you will need to bring along:
    Your identification for each person applying, Two months of paystubs, Money order or      cashiers check for $35.00 (one person) or $58.00 ( if it's a couple with same last            name)
3. Write down your vehicle year and model along with license plate number if you will be       parking your car on premises.
4. Please advise prior to applying if you have pets, are on any housing program so we
    can obtain approval from owners.

"Thank you , feel free to contact us with any questions."